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about this putter. 

A fan favorite. The Amarillo is a double wide blade design that is face balanced. The Amarillo measures 3.875 inches from heel to toe, shorter than a traditional double wide blade. CNC milled out of 303 stainless steel; The Amarillo weighs 355 grams. The double-bend shaft mounts directly in the head. Available in right hand only. 

The Amarillo has an MOI of 3,100 at 35". 

who this putter is for.
  • You like the look of a classic putter with clean lines. 
  • You like the look of a blade, but want more forgiveness. 
  • You have a straight back, straight through, or slight arc in your putting stroke.
  • 355 grams
  • 3 degrees of loft
  • 72 degree lie angle
  • ⅜” shaft offset
  • 303 stainless steel
  • Iomic Hanna Golf 65 gram grip
Hanna Golf putters are proudly milled in Iowa. 

Why is it named Amarillo? Here is the story behind the name.

Length: 33