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about this putter.

Look different? It is. The Denver is a nontraditional mallet design. It checks in as a face-balanced putter with three sightlines for proper alignment. The two outer sightlines measure the width of a golf ball. CNC milled out of 303 stainless steel; the Denver weighs 368 grams. The double-bend shaft mounts directly in the head. Available in right hand only.

The Denver offers the highest MOI of any Hanna Golf putter at 3,380 resulting in more forgiveness.

who this putter is for. 
  • Your distance control could improve.
  • You may not always hit the center of the face on lag putts. 
  • You like a putter that is a little heavier than the average putter.
  • You have a straight back, straight through, or slight arc in your putting stroke. 
  • 368 grams
  • 3 degrees of loft 
  • 72 degree lie angle
  • ⅜” shaft offset  
  • 303 stainless steel 
  • Iomic Hanna Golf 65 gram grip
Hanna Golf putters are proudly milled in Iowa. 

Why is it named Denver? Here is the story behind the name

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